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Worksheets For ICSE Class 10 Chemistry

Worksheets For ICSE Class 10 Chemistry
This page, which provides all the Worksheets For ICSE Class 10 Chemistry, will give you the answers along with explanations to all the problems of the CBSE Science NCERT Textbook.

Our team of experts has reviewed all the Worksheets For ICSE Class 10 Chemistry. Not only will this document help you understand the logic behind solving the problems but will also guide you well so that you don't make mistakes when you encounter similar questions in the future or during the board exam.

As you know, Class 10 Chemistry and Mathematics are the two most important subjects from the examination point of view as it is possible to score a hundred per cent in these two subjects.

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Chapter : 1 Periodic properties and variations of properties

Periodic properties and their variations in groups and periods

Periodicity on the basis of atomic number for elements

Chapter : 2 Chemical Bonding

Electrovalent bonding

Covalent Bonding

Coordinate Bonding

Chapter : 3 Acid Bases and Salt

Simple definitions

Ions present in mineral acids, alkalis and salts and their solutions

use of litmus and pH paper

Definition of salt; types of salts

Action of dilute acids on salts

Chapter : 4 Analytical Chemistry

Action of Ammonium Hydroxide and Sodium Hydroxide on solution of salts

Action of alkalis (NaOH, KOH) on certain metals, their oxides and hydroxides.

Chapter : 5 Mole Concept and stoichiometry

Vapour Density and its relation to relative molecular mass

Deduction of simple (empirical) and molecular formula

Chapter : 6 Electrolysis

Electrolytes and non-electrolytes. Definitions and examples

Substances containing molecules only, ions only, both molecules and ions

Definition and explanation of electrolysis, electrolyte, electrode, anode, cathode, anion, cation, oxidation and reduction

An elementary study of the migration of ions, with reference to the factors influencing selective discharge of ions

Applications of electrolysis

Chapter : 7 Metallurgy

Occurrence of metals in nature

Extraction of Aluminium

Alloys – composition and uses

Chapter : 8 Study of compounds

Hydrogen Chloride


The reactions to be studied in terms of reactants, products, conditions and equations

Aqueous solution of ammonia

Uses of ammonia - manufacture of fertilizers, explosives, nitric acid, refrigerant gas

Nitric Acid

Sulphuric Acid

Chapter : 9 Organic Chemistry

Introduction to Organic compounds

Structure and Isomerism

Homologous series – characteristics with examples

Simple nomenclature

Hydrocarbons: alkanes, alkenes, alkynes

Uses of methane, ethane, ethene, ethyne

Worksheets For ICSE Class 10 Chemistry- Answers by well-trained experts

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