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Worksheets For ICSE Class 9 Physics

Worksheets For ICSE Class 9 Physics
This page, which provides all the Worksheets For ICSE Class 9 Physics, will give you the answers along with explanations to all the problems of the CBSE Science NCERT Textbook.

Our team of experts has reviewed all the Worksheets For ICSE Class 9 Physics. Not only will this document help you understand the logic behind solving the problems but will also guide you well so that you don't make mistakes when you encounter similar questions in the future or during the board exam.

As you know, Class 9 Physics and Mathematics are the two most important subjects from the examination point of view as it is possible to score a hundred per cent in these two subjects.

Our free pdf of Worksheets For ICSE Class 9 Physics is therefore made available gratis on JustTutors so that you may easily work towards your goal of achieving cent per cent in these very important subjects.

Chapter : 1 Measurements and Experimentation

Systems of Units

Simple pendulum

Chapter : 2 Motion in One Dimension

Scalar and vector quantities

distance, speed, velocity, acceleration

equations of uniformly accelerated motion

Chapter : 3 Laws of Motion

Contact and non-contact forces

Newton's First Law of Motion

Introduction to inertia, mass and force

Newton's Second Law of Motion

Newton's Third Law of Motion


Chapter : 4 Fluids

Change of pressure with depth

simple daily life examples

Transmission of pressure in liquids

atmospheric pressure


Archimedes' Principle


Chapter : 5 Heat and Energy

Concepts of heat and temperature

Anomalous expansion of water

Global warming and Green House effect

Chapter : 6 Light

Reflection of light

images formed by plane mirrors

Spherical mirrors

characteristics of image formed by these mirrors

Uses of concave and convex mirrors

Chapter : 7 Sound

Nature of Sound waves

Requirement of a medium for sound waves to travel

propagation and speed in different media;

various terms

comparison with speed of light

Types of frequencies and their applications

Chapter : 8 Electricity and Magnetism

Current and its relationship to charge

potential difference

Social initiatives

insulators and conductors

closed and open circuits

direction of current - conventional and electronic

Induced magnetism

Magnetic field of earth

Neutral points in magnetic fields

Worksheets For ICSE Class 9 Physics- Answers by well-trained experts

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A Comprehensive Outlook of Worksheets For ICSE Class 9 Physics

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