Class 4th EVS Live Classes - Batch 02

Join our online group classes live from Global Delivery Center.

Grade: Class IV Subject: EVS Batch Start Date: 2021-02-08 14:00 Live On: Tuesday Thursday Saturday

SR. No Session Name Topic Name
1Session-1 General Discussion
2Session-2 Going to school
3Session-3 Ear
4Session-4 Our daily routine
5Session-5 Story of Amrita - Khejadi tree and village
6Session-6 Anita and the Honeybee
7Session-7 Journey of Omana - Journey by train
8Session-8 From the window - Natural beauty scene
9Session-9 Reaching grandmother house
10Session-10 Changing Families
11Session-11 Different names of the game Hu-tu-tu
12Session-12 The Valley of Flowers - Flowers