Class 6th Maths Live Classes - Batch 02

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Grade: Class VI Subject: Maths Batch Start Date: 2021-02-08 13:00 Live On: Monday Wednesday Friday

SR. No Session Name Topic Name
1Session-1 Knowing Our Number-Place value and large numbers
2Session-2 Knowing Our Number-Estimation and Brackets
3Session-3 Whole Numbers-Multiplication using number line
4Session-4 Whole Numbers-Properties of whole number and Identities
5Session-5 Playing With Numbers-Factors and Multiples
6Session-6 Playing With Numbers-Divisibility rules
7Session-7 Playing With Numbers-HCF and LCM
8Session-8 Basic Geometrical Ideas-Basics of geometry
9Session-9 Understanding Elementary Shapes-Measuring Lines and Angles
10Session-10 Understanding Elementary Shapes-Different Shapes
11Session-11 Integers-Integer and Number line
12Session-12 Integers-Addition and Subtraction of integers