Class 6th Science Live Classes - Batch 02

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Grade: Class VI Subject: Science Batch Start Date: 2021-02-08 13:00 Live On: Tuesday Thursday Saturday

SR. No Session Name Topic Name
1Session-1 Food Where Does It Come from-Introduction
2Session-2 Plants Parts And Animal Product As A Food
3Session-3 Components Of Food
4Session-4 Nutrients and Balance diet
5Session-5 Fibre To Fabric - Introduction
6Session-6 Sorting Materials Into Group - Objects around us
7Session-7 Separation Of Substances-Introduction
8Session-8 Separation Of Substances-More than one method
9Session-9 Changes Around Us
10Session-10 Getting To Know Plants-Type of Plants
11Session-11 Getting To Know Plants-Photosynthesis
12Session-12 Body Movement - Joints And Its Types