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CHAMPION is someone who look for ways to challenge his/her learning's on regular basis

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Live Classes
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  • Unmilited Online Test
  • Worksheets
  • Academic Consultant
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3 Days in a week
  • One to One Personalised Classes
  • Video Lesson
  • Unmilited Online Test
  • Worksheets
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2 X 30 Mins Class
  • One to One Personalised Classes
  • Video Lesson
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No Freelancers?

Learning and teaching both needs complete dedication and we trust only on fully dedicated teachers who can bring a change to this profession.

Quality Feedback Mechanism

End to end quality check by Academic Managers to ensure accurate assessment, performance tracking and feedback to the teachers

Lesson Planning

Lessons are planned in a way that all the related topics are explained to the student before moving to next lesson.

Office Controlled Environment

Every session is delivered from a controlled and monitored office environment. This also eliminates any possibility of technical glitches.

Assurance we provide

Safe education is our assurance. All our teachers undergo background verification and have a police clearance certificate.

Learning Curve

It’s imperative to teach the way student understands. We have moved ahead from the conventional teaching method and make student feel comfortable and connected.
We are an Education Company by heart!

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Gain every single concept clarity by attending our one to one or live classes.
You do better in exams and apply these concepts in real life too! Daily monitoring and end to end quality checks are being carried out by our trained and well equipped Academic managers, who ensure accurate assessment on every topic, performance tracking, and topic-wise feedback to the teachers. Our live tutoring sessions with teachers help you understand each science and math concept in-depth and clarify doubts in online classrooms. Come explore how studying can be just as exciting as play! Happy Learning!