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Online Class Packages

We are just not a technology company, we are a holistic education provider with deep knowledge of the education domain.

Why No Freelancers?

Education is a process of receiving or giving systematic instructions, which we believe can only be delivered by a dedicated teacher and not by a professional who is looking for an additional income. We trust on fully dedicated teachers who can bring a change to this profession.

Creative concepts

We design our contents in such a way, that it is easily understandable by the learners. We try relating it with real life examples to help the learners visualize and connect with the content being explained.

Assurance we provide

We assure safe education to all the learners by avoiding any scope of cybercrime, by undergoing background verification of each and every tutor before hiring and also ensuring that they produce a Police clearance certificate.

Quality feedback mechanism

Daily monitoring and end to end quality check are being carried out by our trained and well equipped Academic managers, who ensure accurate assessment on every topic, performance tracking and topic-wise feedback to the teachers.

Office controlled environment

We make sure all our teachers work from office in a robust and controlled environment, just to ensure there availability as per the learner’s need and to eliminate any technical glitches.

Learning curve

We modify our teaching process as per the understanding of the learner, specifically to make sure the learner feels comfortable and connected with the teacher, also it is imperative to teach the way they understand.

Lesson planning

Our teachers make sure that the content thought on the previous day is completely understood by the learner, before planning to get into a new topic or lesson



We believe in providing high quality education at an affordable pricing, as our group sessions start at a basic price as low as Rs.50 for personalized online coaching and Rs.300 for a dedicated one hour session with qualified academic team.

Communication Skill

We believe on effective and streamlined communication with the learners, so we make sure that all our teachers are highly qualified with excellent communication skills, so that there is no bottleneck situation faced by the learner.