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Worksheet For CBSE Class 4 Maths

Worksheet For CBSE Class 4 Maths

Chapter : 1 Carts And Wheels

Geometrical Figures- Angles

Geometrical Figures- Square

Chapter : 2 Number Work

Number work- Three and Four digit

Number work-Numbers in words and figure

Number work- Five and Six digit and place value

Number Work-Comparing numbers

Chapter : 3 A Trip To Bhopal

Addition of 4-digits numbers with carrying over

Subtraction-Subtraction of 4- digit numbers without borrowing

Subtraction-Subtraction of 5- digit numbers without borrowing

Subtraction-Mental addition and subtraction

Word problem: Addition and Subtraction-Addition

Word problem: Addition and Subtraction-Mixed problems

Chapter : 4 The Junk Seller

Multiplication-Multiplying any 3-digit number by 1 or 2-digit number

Coines and Notes- exchanging between coins and notes.

Division word problems

Chapter : 5 Tables And Shares

Division- Relationship between division and multiplication

Chapter : 6 Tick-Tick-Tick

Measuring time- quarter past

Measuring time- Calendar

Chapter : 7 Halves And Quarters

Fractions- Half

Fractions- Mixed fractions

Measurement- Length and its different units.

Chapter : 8 Long And Shorts

Measurement- Length and its different units.

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