MCQ Questions for ICSE Class 8 Chemistry With Answers

ICSE Class 8 Chemistry MCQ Questions

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MCQ Questions for ICSE Class 8 Chemistry With Answers

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ICSE Class 8 Chemistry : Choose Your Topic

Chapter : 6 Chemical Reactions

  Types of reactions

  Reactivity series

  Predict the reactivity of metals

  Endothermic and exothermic processes/ reactions.

  Neutralization reaction

  Decomposition reactions to form Oxides.

  Classification of oxides

Chapter : 7 Hydrogen

  Preparation of hydrogen, from water – electrolysis

  Preparation of hydrogen in the laboratory.

  Preference of zinc as the metal to be used

  Choice of dilute acids

  Bosch’s process

  Properties and uses of hydrogen.

  Oxidation and Reduction.

Chapter : 8 Water

  Dissolution of salts in water – meaning and explanation

  Universal solvent – meaning.

  Solutions, suspensions, colloids

  Differentiate unsaturated/saturated and supersaturated solutions

  Suspensions and colloids.

  Water of crystallisation.

  Hydrated and Anhydrous substances, hygroscopic

  Reactivity of metals with cold water, hot water and steam

  Hard and soft water and methods of softening of hard water.

  Disadvantage of using hard water.

Chapter : 9 Carbon and Its Compound

  Allotropes of Carbon - definition and explanation

  Crystalline and amorphous nature of allotropes of carbon

  Uses of diamond, graphite, coke, coal, soot

  Laboratory preparation, properties and uses of carbon dioxide

  Physical properties of Carbon dioxide

  Chemical properties of Carbon Dioxide

  Acidic nature

  Reaction with lime water

  Properties and uses of Carbon monoxide

  Emphasis on use as reducing agent in the extraction of iron

  harmful properties of Carbon monoxide when inhaled - Asphyxia.

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