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Worksheet For ICSE Class 8 Maths

Worksheet For ICSE Class 8 Maths

Chapter : 1 Number System

Rational Numbers

Exponents Powers

Playing with numbers


Chapter : 2 Ratio and Proportions

applications on percentages, profit & loss, overhead expenses, Discount, tax.

Difference between simple and compound interest

Problems on Tax (rebate sum included)

Direct and inverse variations – word problems

Time and work problems– word problems

Chapter : 3 Algebra

Algebraic Expressions

Multiplication and division of algebraic expression


Properties of inequalities

Factorisation (simple cases)

Solving linear equations in one variable in contextual problems involving multiplication and division

Chapter : 4 Geometry

Understanding shapes

Representing 3-D in 2-D

Construction of Quadrilaterals:

Idea of reflection symmetry and symmetrical shapes


Chapter : 5 Mensuration

Area of a trapezium, a polygon and semi-circle.

Surface area of a cube, cuboid, cylinder.

Total surface area and curved surface areas of various 3-D figures

Volume of a cube, cuboid and cylinder

Volume and capacity (measurement of capacity)

Chapter : 6 Data Handling

Arranging ungrouped data into groups

representation of grouped data through bar-graphs

Simple Pie charts with reasonable data numbers

Consolidating and generalising the notion of chance in events

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