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What Makes You An Outstanding Tutor?

As a tutor, your outstanding qualities likely include a deep passion for the subject matter, effective communication skills, adaptability to diverse learning styles, patient and encouraging demeanor, and a commitment to fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

Passion for Teaching

Feedback and Assessment Skills

Organizational Skills

Expertise in the Subject Matter

Effective Communication Skills

Patience and Empathy

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Online tutoring offers a versatile and accessible learning experience that transcends geographical boundaries. The flexibility of virtual sessions, combined with interactive tools and a wide array of subjects, makes it an appealing option. The convenience of participating from any location, along with cost-effectiveness, real-time communication, and the option to record sessions, provides numerous advantages for both tutors and learners. Together, these features contribute to the development of a global education community.

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Tutors Frequently Asked Questions

JustTutors is an online teaching platform which provides one to one tuition classes to the students from Grade 1 to Grade 10 for Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) & English.

JustTutors is providing online classes to the students of India, Middle East, USA, UK, Australia, South Africa and Japan.

Tutor’s responsibilities are outlined below
  • Deliver online session (>=50 Minutes)
  • Assign Homework and Quiz
  • Submit session feedback
  • Review submitted homework
  • Create lesson plan for the learners assigned
  • Use platform to create monthly progress report
  • Provide data pointers to the Academic team for PTMs

The tutors should have excellent command over Mathematics / Science (PCM) / English.

The minimum commitment required from any tutor is for 2 hours every day from Monday to Saturday.

The tutors are flexible to choose their own hours from the provided slots. Once the tutor confirms and accept the slots then, we proceed with the booking of sessions.

Tutors should be a Graduate / Post Graduate / Masters with the expertise in the selected subject.

Yes. Teaching experience is mandatory for the tutoring role at JustTutors.

Below are the technical requirements which every tutor should meet.
  • A Laptop / Desktop in excellent working condition.
  • Processor: Corei3 processor.
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM.
  • Operating System: Windows 10 or higher or Mac OS 15 or higher.
  • Power Backup: Good power back to support session during the power failure.
  • Broadband: A broadband Speed of 40mbps or more. Mobile or wireless internet devices (Eg: Jiofi or 4G dongle) are not allowed.

The compensation cycle is monthly and is processed on 15th of every month.

The tutor will get Demo session conversion payout + Session payout for a demo session which gets converted into regular class. The tutor also gets added incentive if the customer renews their subscription post completion of 60 classes.

Salary and freelance pay are reviewed annually and it increases based on the performance; however, it is a freelance tutoring role so there won’t be any promotion.

Yes, JustTutors trains the new tutors as per the pre-defined training plan. Also, we focus on continuous professional development by conducting regular trainings.

JustTutors provide all kind of academic support to the tutors and if any technical assistance is required then, the inhouse technical team is there to guide and help fix technical issues remotely.

The tutor has to apply on the JustTutors platform. The applications are screened by the recruitment team. Once the tutor’s profile is shortlisted the interview process begins. The entire recruitment process takes around 2‒3 weeks.

The selection process involves, Initial screening, Academic Interview, Operations Interview, followed by HR discussion.

The sessions delivered by tutor is evaluated by the Academic team who observe the session closely and share their finding during one-to-one meeting and over the email.

Yes, we only need the tutor to be available during the committed hours.

We can be contacted on

At JustTutors, we believe in the power of digital technology to help students get personalized learning and attention from India's best-in-class science, english and math tutors. We are focused on creating a top-class e-learning platform that brings together the best teachers, technology, media, content for creating a seamless and world-class experience for every student.