MCQ Questions for ICSE Class 8 Biology With Answers

ICSE Class 8 Biology MCQ Questions

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MCQ Questions for ICSE Class 8 Biology With Answers

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ICSE Class 8 Biology : Choose Your Topic

Chapter : 4 Human Body – Endocrine, Circulatory and Nervous Systems

  Endocrine System - Introduction

  Types of glands- basic concept and difference

  Hormone (definition)

  Types of Hormonal glands - location and function

  Adolescence and accompanying changes

  Physical and emotional changes in the body during adolescence

  Importance of personal hygiene

  Stress management

  Circulatory System

  Internal structure of heart

  Schematic diagram of the heart

  Blood vessels and its types

  Circulation of blood as double circulation

  Blood Groups (A, B, AB and O): universal donor and universal acceptor

  Conditions related to the functioning of the heart

  Introduction of lymphatic system - parallel circulatory system

  Nervous System - Introduction

  Types of nerves: sensory, motor, mixed (function only).

  Structure of a motor neuron

  Central nervous system (CNS) - its parts and their functions

  Reflex action: definition and basic terms

Chapter : 5 Health and Hygiene

  Diseases - Introduction

  communicable diseases

  The meaning of vector

  Method of preventing diseases in general

  Vaccination and immunization: the concepts and difference

  Harmful effects of consuming tobacco, drinking alcohol, taking drugs.

  First aid- meaning

  cases when first Aid to be given

Chapter : 6 Food Production

  Bacteria: uses of bacteria in food industry

  Fungi - Importance of mushrooms and yeast in food industry

  Agriculture: cultivated crops (food-crops and cash crops)

  Horticulture- vegetables, fruits, decorative plants and flowers

  Organic farming and green revolution

  Animal husbandry

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