MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 10 Science With Answers

CBSE Class 10 Science MCQ Questions

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MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 10 Science With Answers

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CBSE Class 10 Science : Choose Your Topic

Chapter : 1 Chemical Reaction and Chemical Equations

  Chemical Reaction and Equation - Introductions

  Chemical Reaction and Equation - Types of Chemical reaction

  Chemical Reaction and Equation - Oxidation and reduction

Chapter : 2 Acid, Bases And Salts

  Acids Bases and Salts - Introductions

  Acids Bases and Salts - Common in Acid and Base


Chapter : 3 Metals and Non Metals

  Metals And Non Metals - Physical Properties of Metals and Non Metals

  Metals And Non Metals - Chemical Properties of Metals

  Metals And Non Metals - Reaction Of Metal and Non Metal

  Metals And Non Metals - Extraction and Refining of Metals

Chapter : 4 Carbon and its compounds

  Carbon and its compounds. - Introduction

  Carbon and its compounds. - Versatile nature of carbon

  Carbon and its compounds. - Chains

  Carbon and its compounds - Homologous series

  Carbon and its compounds - Chemical properties of carbonic compounds

  Carbon and its compounds - Ethanoic acid

Chapter : 5 Periodic Classification Of Elements

  Periodic Classification Of Elements - Introductions

  Periodic Classification Of Elements - Mendeleev's and modern Periodic Table

Chapter : 6 Life Process

  Life Process - Introduction

  Life Process - Nutrition in human

  Life Process - Respiration

  Life Process - Transportation

  Life Process - Excretion

Chapter : 7 Control And Coordination

  Control And Coordination - Animals Nervous System

  Control And Coordination - Human Brain

  Control And Coordination - Coordination In Plants

  Control And Coordination - Hormones In Animals

Chapter : 8 Heredity And Evolution

  Heredity And Evolution - Heredity

  Heredity And Evolution - Evolution

  Heredity And Evolution - Evolution And Classification

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