Exemplar Solution : Winds Storm And Cyclones - Air Pressure

Exemplar Solution

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Chapter 1 Nutrition In Plants

Nutrition in plants

Chapter 2 Nutrition In Animals

Nutrition in Animals-Introduction

Nutrition in Animals-Digestion in Grass Eating Animals

Chapter 3 Fibre To Fabric

Fibre To Fabric - wool and Fibre

Fibre to fabric - silk

Chapter 4 Heat


Chapter 5 Acids, Bases And Salt


Chapter 6 Physical And Chemical Changes

Physical And Chemical Changes

Chapter 7 Weather, Climate And Adaption Of Animals to Climate

Weather Climate And Adaptation Of Animals To Climate

Chapter 8 Winds, Storms And Cyclones

Winds Storm And Cyclones - Air Pressure

Winds Storm And Cyclones - Winds current

Chapter 9 Soil

Soil - Introduction

Chapter 10 Respiration in Organisms

Respiration In Organism - Respiration and Breathing

Chapter 11 Transportation In Animal And Plant

Transportation In Animal And Plant - Circulatory system

Transportation In Animal And Plant - Excretion In Animals

Chapter 12 Reproduction In Plants

Reproduction In Plant - Asexual Reproduction

Reproduction In Plant - Sexual Reproduction

Chapter 13 Motion And Time

Motion And Time - Measurement Of Time

Motion And Time - distance- time graph

Chapter 14 Electric Current And Its Effect

Electric Current And Its Speed

Chapter 15 Light

Light - Reflection Of Lights

Light-Spherical Mirror and Lenses

Chapter 16 Water

Water-Introduction and Importance of Water

Water-Water Management

Chapter 17 Forests: Our Lifeline

Forest - Introduction

Chapter 18 Wastewater Story

Waste Water Story - Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water Story - Water Treatment Plant