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NCERT Solution For CBSE Class 10 Science

NCERT Solution For CBSE Class 10 Science
This page, which provides all the NCERT Solution For CBSE Class 10 Science, will give you the answers along with explanations to all the problems of the CBSE Science NCERT Textbook.

Our team of experts has reviewed all the NCERT Solution For CBSE Class 10 Science. Not only will this document help you understand the logic behind solving the problems but will also guide you well so that you don't make mistakes when you encounter similar questions in the future or during the board exam.

As you know, Class 10 Science and Mathematics are the two most important subjects from the examination point of view as it is possible to score a hundred per cent in these two subjects.

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Chapter : 1 Chemical Reaction and Chemical Equations

Chemical Reaction and Equation - Introductions

Chemical Reaction and Equation - Types of Chemical reaction

Chemical Reaction and Equation - Oxidation and reduction

Chapter : 2 Acid, Bases And Salts

Acids Bases and Salts - Introductions

Acids Bases and Salts - Common in Acid and Base


Chapter : 3 Metals and Non Metals

Metals And Non Metals - Physical Properties of Metals and Non Metals

Metals And Non Metals - Chemical Properties of Metals

Metals And Non Metals - Reaction Of Metal and Non Metal

Metals And Non Metals - Extraction and Refining of Metals

Chapter : 4 Carbon and its compounds

Carbon and its compounds. - Introduction

Carbon and its compounds. - Versatile nature of carbon

Carbon and its compounds. - Chains

Carbon and its compounds - Homologous series

Carbon and its compounds - Chemical properties of carbonic compounds

Carbon and its compounds - Ethanoic acid

Chapter : 5 Periodic Classification Of Elements

Periodic Classification Of Elements - Introductions

Periodic Classification Of Elements - Mendeleev's and modern Periodic Table

Chapter : 6 Life Process

Life Process - Introduction

Life Process - Nutrition in human

Life Process - Respiration

Life Process - Transportation

Life Process - Excretion

Chapter : 7 Control And Coordination

Control And Coordination - Animals Nervous System

Control And Coordination - Human Brain

Control And Coordination - Coordination In Plants

Control And Coordination - Hormones In Animals

Chapter : 8 Heredity And Evolution

Heredity And Evolution - Heredity

Heredity And Evolution - Evolution

Heredity And Evolution - Evolution And Classification

Chapter : 9 Light- Reflection And Refraction

Light and reflection - Reflection

Light and reflection - Image Formation By Spherical Mirror

Light and reflection - Sign Convention

Light and reflection - Refraction of light

Light and reflection - Image formation by Len

Light and reflection - Lens formula & magnification

Chapter : 10 Human Eye And Colourful World

Human Eye & Colourful World - Human Eye

Human Eye & Colourful World - Defects of vision & their correction

Human Eye & Colourful World - Dispersion of white light by glass prism

Chapter : 11 Electricity

Electricity - Introduction

Electricity - Ohm's Law

Electricity - Resistance Of A System Of Resistor

Electricity - Heating Effect Of Electric Current

Chapter : 12 Magnetic Effect Of Electric Current

Magnetic Effect Of Electric Current - Magnetic Field And Field Lines

Magnetic Effect Of Electric Current - Right Hand Thumb Rule

Magnetic Effect Of Electric Current - Force On Current Carrying Conductor in Magnetic Field

Magnetic Effect Of Electric Current - Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter : 13 Sources Of Energy

Sources of energy - Sources of energy

Sources of energy - Conventional sources of energy

Chapter : 14 Our Environment

Our Environment - Eco-System

Chapter : 15 Management of Natural resources

Management Of Natural Resources - Three Rs policy

NCERT Solution For CBSE Class 10 Science- Answers by well-trained experts

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