Video Lessons For CBSE Class 5 Maths Chapter 10 Formula For The Perimeter Of A Square :

Video Lessons For CBSE Class 5 Maths Chapter 10 Formula For The Perimeter Of A Square

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Video Lessons :

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Chapter 1 Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals-Roman numerals up to 20 and its Rules

Chapter 2 Fishtail

Number work-Introducing 6 and 7-digit numbers

Number work- Expanded form and place value

Addition and Subtraction- 6 and 7 digit numbers

Chapter 3 Ways To Multiply And Divide

Multiplication and division-multiplication

Multiplication and division-division

Chapter 4 Parts And Wholes

Fractions- Types of fractions

Fractions- Comparing of fractions

Fractions- Addition and subtraction of fraction

Chapter 5 Shapes And Angles

Angles- Measuring angles

Angles-Drawing angles


Circles-Circumference and Arc

Chapter 6 Be My Multiple

Multiples and factor-Factors

Multiples and factor-Multiple

Multiples and factor-Prime and composite numbers

Chapter 7 Tenths And Hundredths

Decimal fractions-Decimal fractions

Decimal fractions-Place value of the digits in decimal fractions

Decimal fractions-Addition and subtraction

Chapter 8 Measuring Time

Measuring time-12 and 24 hour clock

Measuring time- conversion between 12 hour clock and 24 hour clock

Chapter 9 How big, How heavy

Problems on measurement

Chapter 10 Area And Its Boundary

Perimeter and area-Perimeter of square and rectangle

Chapter 11 How Many Squares

Perimeter and area-Area of square and rectangle

Chapter 12 Boxes And Sketches

Three Dimensional object and nets

Chapter 13 Smart Charts


Chapter 14 Can You See The Pattern


Chapter 15 Does It Look The Same


Chapter 16 Preparation For Algebra

Preparation for algebra-Equality and inequality