Worksheet For ICSE : Expressing Percentages As Decimals

Worksheet For ICSE


Chapter 1 Large Numbers

The Indian Place - Value System

Expanded Form

Order Relations

The International Place - Value System

Addition And Subtraction



Dividing 5 - Digit And Higher Numbers By A 2 - Digit Number

Dividing 5 - Digit And Higher Numbers By A 3 - Digit Number

Chapter 2 Tests Of Divisibility

Basic Tests Of Divisibility

Other Tests Of Divisibility

Chapter 3 Factors, HCF And LCM

Factors And Multiples

Prime Factors

Finding Prime Factors Of A Number

Factor Tree

Highest Common Factor ( H.C.F. )

Lowest Common Multiple ( L.C.M. )

Relationship Between H.C.F. And L.C.M.

Chapter 4 Fractions


Multiplying A Fractional Number By A Whole Number

Properties Of Multiplication Of Fractional Numbers

Multiplication Of More Than Two Fractional Numbers

Multiplicative Inverse Or Reciprocal

Dividing A Fractional Number By A Whole Number

Dividing A Whole Number By A Fractional Number

Dividing A Fractional Number By A Fractional Number

Properties Of Division Of Fractional Numbers

Chapter 5 Decimals

Revision - Concept

Converting Fractions With 10, 100 As Denominators Into Decimals

Converting Decimals Into Fractions

Like And Unlike Decimals

Ordering Of Decimals

Addition Of Decimals

Subtraction Of Decimals

Addition And Subtraction Of Decimals

Multiplication Of A Decimal Number By A Whole Number

Multiplication Of A Decimal Number By 10, 100, 1000

Multiplication Of A Decimal Number By A Decimal Number

Division Of A Decimal Number By A Whole Number

Remainder In Division Of Decimals

Division By 10, 100, 1000

Division Of A Decimal Number By A Decimal Number

Converting A Fractional Number Into A Decimal Number

Chapter 6 More About Numbers

Rounding Numbers

Roman Numerals

Chapter 7 Percentages

Expressing Fractions As Percentages

Converting Percentages To Fractions

Expressing Percentages As Decimals

Expressing Decimals As Percentages

Finding Percentage Of A Number

Money And Metric Measures As Percentages

Why Do We Use Percentages?

Chapter 8 Averages


Chapter 9 Profit And Loss

Profit And Loss Expressed As A Percentage

Finding The Selling Price When Profit Or Loss Percent Is Given

Chapter 10 Simple Interest

Rate Of Interest

Chapter 11 Unitary Method

Unitary Method

Chapter 12 Bills


Chapter 13 Time


Finding Number Of Days From One Date To Another

Railway And Air Timings

Time Intervals

Chapter 14 Temperature

Body Temperature

Weather - Hot Or Cold

Converting From Celsius To Fahrenheit

Converting From Fahrenheit To Celsius

Chapter 15 Metric Measures




Converting From Higher To Lower Units

Conversion Of Lower Units To Higher Units

Addition And Subtraction Of Metric Measures

Multiplication Of Metric Measures

Division Of Metric Measures

Chapter 16 Area And Volume


Finding Area When Whole Squares Are Not Covered

Area Of Irregular Shapes

Area Of A Rectangle Or Square

Finding Length Or Breadth



Volume Of A Cube

Volume Of A Cuboid

Chapter 17 Geometry - Lines And Angles

Concept Of A Plane


Measuring Angles

Constructing Angles

Types Of Angles

Constructing Angles Using Compass And Ruler

Types Of Lines

Chapter 18 Geometry - Circles, Triangles And Nets


Chord Of A Circle

Arc And Semicircle

Construction Of Circles

Using A Compass To Draw A Circle

Interior And Exterior Of A Circle



Types Of Triangles

Nets Of Solids

Chapter 19 Algebra

What Is Algebra ?

Constants And Variables

Addition And Subtraction

Multiplication And Division


Algebraic Expressions

Value Of An Algebraic Expression

Like And Unlike Terms