Consolidating the sense of numberness up to 5 digits, size, estimation of numbers, identifying smaller, larger, etc

Place value (recapitulation and extension.,

Operations on large numbers

Word problems on number operations involving large numbers

Estimation of outcome of number operations.

Introduction to a sense of the largeness (up to 8 digits) and approximation of large numbers

Numbers in Indian and International Systems and their comparison.

Natural numbers and Whole numbers

Natural numbers

Whole numbers

Properties of numbers (commutative, associative, distributive, additive identity, multiplicative identity)

Number line

Seeing patterns, identifying and formulating rules for operations on numbers

Negative Numbers and Integers

Need for negative numbers

Connection of negative numbers in daily life

Representation of negative numbers on number line

Ordering of negative numbers, Integers

Identification of integers on the number line

Operation of addition and subtraction of integers

Addition and subtraction of integers on the number line

Comparison of integers

ordering of integers


Idea of sets

Representation of sets

Types of sets: Finite/infinite and empty

Cardinality of a set


Revision of what a fraction is

Fraction as a part of whole

Representation of fractions (pictorially and on number line)

Fraction as a division

Proper, improper & mixed fractions

Equivalent fractions

Comparison of fractions

Operations on fractions (Avoid large and complicated unnecessary tasks). (Moving towards abstraction in fractions)

Review of the idea of a decimal fraction

Place value in the context of decimal fraction

Inter conversion of fractions and decimal fractions (avoid recurring decimals at this stage).

Word problems involving addition and subtraction of decimals (two operations together on money, mass, length and temperature).

Playing with Numbers

Simplification of brackets

Multiples and factors

divisibility rule of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11. (All these through observing patterns. Children would be helped in deducing some and then asked to derive some that are a combination of the basic patterns of divisibility)

Even/odd and prime/composite numbers, Co-prime numbers, prime factorisation, every number can be written as products of prime factors

HCF and LCM, prime factorization and division method for HCF and LCM, the property LCM × HCF = product of two numbers.

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