Find the perimeter of rectangles using formulas

Finding perimeter with whole number side lengths

Finding perimeter with decimal side lengths

Understand area of a parallelogram

Finding area of right triangles

Finding area and perimeter of figures on grids

Worded problems for area and perimeter

Using area and perimeter to determine cost

Understanding relationship between area and perimeter

Finding volume of figures made of unit cubes

Finding volume of cubes and cuboids

Understanding relationship between volume and the area of the base: word problems

Worded problems for comparing volumes and dimensions of cuboids

Understanding area of a triangle

Area of triangles

Understanding area of a parallelogram

Area of parallelograms

Understanding area of a trapezium

Area of trapeziums

Area of rhombuses

Area of quadrilaterals

Area of compound figures

Area between two rectangles

Area between two triangles

Area of squares and rectangles

Word problems on area and perimeter of squares and rectangles

Rectangles: relationship between perimeter and area

Compare area and perimeter of two figures

Volume of cubes and cuboids

Word problems on volume of cubes and cuboids

Finding area of squares and rectangles

Finding area of parallelograms

Understand area of a triangle

Finding area of triangles

Finding area of compound figures

Finding area between two rectangles

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